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About Us

About Noon Jewelry

We offer an exclusive collection of jewelry and accessories, where designs inspired by our old Kuwaiti heritage and memories.

Our handcrafted designs are integrating the art of modern design with Kuwaiti traditions.

Our designs inspired by the Kuwaiti heritage, it is made by silver and what makes it special is using pearl almoqmosh (the small pearl), each piece is telling about story of our beautiful past

Noon jewelry is a trade mark brand registered in the Ministry of Commerce

Nadia Al-Harbi Word

Since early stages in my life, inspired by our Kuwaiti heritage along with my passion to design, created a unique mix between contemporary art and Kuwait past.

In a very short period I became one of the biggest names in design domain.

I want every one of my clients to wear jewelry suitable and match beautiful things in their own past; or to be in touch with old Kuwait.

Many thanks for every one follow my works and Hayyakom Allah in my website.

Curriculum Vitae

My journey began by join a course of formulate ornaments arts in Islamic monuments house

My passion wording me to work at home through my little workshop so I produced my special small pieces of designs

My love for competition pushed me to join the Society of Fine Arts in 2005 to get the creativity award in 2008, and then I participated the exhibitions one by one.

Education and Courses

Bachelor of Economics - MBA

Member of the Kuwaiti Society for Fine Arts

Member of the International Association of Art - France

Member of the Gulf Association of Fine Arts

Silversmithing in the Islamic Museum of Kuwait

Casting templates, Silversmithing and jewelry design at the specialized Institute in Lebanon

Casting templates in another specialized institute in Lebanon

من نحن

من نحن

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